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­­­­­Nurses and doctorFor years, healthcare professionals have worried about the shortage of nurses that the industry is likely to face after baby boomer nurses have retired. Now, it seems as if the millennial generation is rising to the call, as one study shows that millennials are twice as likely to choose a career in nursing as the baby boomers were before them.

Why Nursing is Attracting Millennials

The first and most obvious reason why more millennials are choosing to pursue careers in nursing is the rising demand for qualified nurses. At a time when the elderly population is growing and the majority of nurses are nearing retirement, there is a huge demand for nurses to fill the positions of these retirees and continue providing care for the growing elderly population. With huge demand comes an easier time finding a job as well as increased pay, making nursing an attractive career option for millennials just now entering the workforce. While more millennials are going into nursing then ever before, this demand for nurses still isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

Beyond this, though, nursing is attracting more millennials largely in part to the values that the millennial generation exhibits. Millennials, perhaps more than any other generation before them, value careers that allow them to make a positive difference in the world, and caring for the sick and helpless as a nurse certainly qualifies as such a career.


At American University of Health Sciences, we’re excited to see the interest that millennials are showing in nursing careers. Without a doubt, this is a field full of both financial opportunity as well as the opportunity to promote goodness and well-being in the world. If you would like to answer the call for more qualified nurses and embark on one of the most fulfilling careers in the world today, we invite you to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program we offer in the School of Nursing at AUHS.