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Dedicated to student success, the administration at AUHS work closely with students, faculty, and industry connections in order to ensure that the university is best preparing students for their careers in the medical field.

The President and all key officers, faculty, and staff of the university maintain close alliances with distinguished colleagues in the allied health industry and network with these colleagues regularly. The administration at AUHS also actively participate in major industry events and activities, and in doing so has earned the trust and respect of leading practitioners in public and private allied health organizations and members of various allied health associations.

This strategic network of professional kinship serves the university well in many ways, chiefly in recruiting the services of the best and the brightest in the industry in order to further the success of our students.

University Administration

Dr. Caroll Ryan President / CEO Ext. 2029 cryan@auhs.edu
Dr. Marilyn Uvero Chief Operating Officer/Provost/VP of Operations and Development/Chief Nurse Administrator Ext. 2040 muvero@auhs.edu
Kim Dang Founder Ext. 2001
Lieu Dang Suss Program Director (AUHS Foundation) Ext. 2021 lsuss@auhsfoundation.org
Pastor Gregory Johnson Founder Ext. 2002 gjohnson@auhs.edu
Sandy Sarge CFO Ext. 2003 ssarge@auhs.edu


Nhu Y Nguyen Director of Admissions Ext. 2036 nnguyen@auhs.edu
Charles Ko
Admission Advisor
Ext. 2071 cko@auhs.edu
Larry Klevit
Admission Advisor
Ext. 2012 lklevit@auhs.edu
Receptionist Ext. 2000 frontdesk@auhs.edu

Student Services

Ivy Javaluyas Director of Student Services Ext. 2019 gjavaluyas@auhs.edu
Carmelita Lacno Accounting Manager Ext. 2007 clacno@auhs.edu
Financial Aid Representative Ext. 2015
Don Jayathilake IT administrator
Ext. 2009 djayathilake@auhs.edu
Venus Cruz Financial Aid Administrator Ext. 2004 vcruz@auhs.edu
Alma Pineda Registrar Ext. 2047 apineda@auhs.edu
Librarian Ext. 2028
Jeanetta Mastron Library/Teaching Assistant Ext. 2023 jmastron@auhs.edu

School of Nursing

Dr. Deborah Leveille Dean Ext. 2066 dleveille@auhs.edu
Dr. Manuel Atienza Dean Ext 2045 matienza@auhs.edu
Assistant Dean Ext. 2049

School of Pharmacy

Dr. Arjun Dutta Dean Ext. 2005 adutta@auhs.edu
Dean, General Education
Dr. Mohammed A. Islam Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor Ext. 2059 mislam@auhs.edu
Dr. Alamda Hussain Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Admissions Ext. 2068 ahussain@auhs.edu
Dr. Elaine Nguyen Director, IPPE Ext. 2026 enguyen@auhs.edu
Dr. John Schloss Chair, Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences Ext. 2024 jschloss@auhs.edu
Dr. Suhui Yang Pharmacy Assistant Professor Ext. 2016 syang@auhs.edu
Jeanetta Mastron Pharmacy Technology Ext. 2023 jmastron@auhs.edu