The demands and challenges of the medical field are at an all-time high. As such, it is crucial for students to be prepared with a top-quality education before stating their careers in medicine.

At AUHS, we strive to provide our students with the best possible education through small class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities, dedicated and experienced faculty who are passionate about helping students succeed.

At AUHS, students have the opportunity to attend either the School of Nursing or the School of Pharmacy, both of which are designed to completely prepare them for a lifelong, rewarding career of serving others in the field of medicine.

AUHS School of Nursing

The AUHS School of Nursing offers students the chance to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, enabling them to provide competent, caring and evidence-based nursing services to diverse patient populations while at the same time equipping students with the training and qualifications necessary to advance their nursing careers.

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AUHS School of Pharmacy

The AUHS School of Pharmacy offers students the chance to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, equipping them for rewarding careers aiding in the discovery and use of medicines and improving the health and well-being of patients across the world.

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