Within the School of Pharmacy at AUHS, students have the option of choosing between pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master of Science in Clinical Research. Both of these programs are designed to provide students with the skills and education they need to thrive in a variety of pharmacy practice contexts.

Due to the university’s location in California – a state long synonymous with pushing the frontiers of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy education including implementing pharmacy provider status as the law – pharmacy students who attend AUHS enjoy a number of benefits. These benefits include being offered the training and ability to practice direct patient care.

Students who participate in either of the programs within AUHS’s School of Pharmacy can look forward to training at a number of clinical training facilities nearby the AUHS campus. There, students will have the introductory and advanced clinical experiences designed to prepare them for their future role as pharmacy practitioners. Included among those clinical practice sites are major tertiary medical centers that allow our students to apply their skills in clinical contexts where technology and evidence-based medical practice intersect.

The programs offered at AUHS School of Pharmacy also have the benefit of being accelerated programs, meaning students are able to complete their degree and enter their field well ahead of normal schedule – not that you’ll be in any real hurry to leave AUHS and the surrounding area that features year-round sunshine, white sand beaches, and snow-capped ski slopes, as well as the cities of Long Beach and Los Angeles all within driving distance.

All told, pursuing a degree within the School of Pharmacy at AUHS offers students the unique opportunity to fast-track their career while at the same time enjoying the highest quality possible education in an environment of community engagement, spiritual growth, and breathtaking California scenery.