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At American University of Health Sciences, we take pride in the educational and personal experiences our students have during their time at our university. A personal support team of dedicated staff, faculty, and advisors are available to assist students and guide them through their program. From the enrollment process and applying to Federal Financial aid—to the difficulties of the classroom, we want our students to succeed. Our sole mission is to ensure that students have a warm and committed environment to allow them to thrive during their rigorous academic programs.

But that is just half of the story. At AUHS, we believe in developing a community. We foster an environment that welcomes fellowship and bonding among students, faculty, and staff. Examples include university events such as our Walk on Water campus ministry to assisting the community with Health Fairs and volunteering at local Signal Hill Elementary Schools. We encourage our student and their cohorts to become a family through years of time and energy spent together.

It is our mission for AUHS students to maintain lifelong relationships with our institution. Relationships that stand for a meaningful experience and a valuable education that extends far beyond their time at AUHS.

Below are some testimonials from AUHS alumni describing their learning experience.

Manuel De la Cruz, BSN, ’18

Quione Rodriguez, BSN, ’18

Regidor Del Rosario, BSN, ’18

Lana Nguyen, BSN

Navjot Walia, BSN, ’17

Kristoffer Reign Dela Pena, BSN, ’17

Jackie Raygoza, BSN, ’17