The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for providing the university management with information that supports institutional planning, policy formation, curriculum management and change, and decision making; coordinating responses to inquiries for university-related informationserving as a comprehensive source for information about the institution. In addition, this Office provides guidance in all student-related data collections to move the University forward.

To support campus planning and evaluation, the Office of Institutional Research provides university decision makers with data and analysis about academic programs, activities, and outcomes. Information needed to understand statistical data related to American University of Health Sciences, not available on this Website, can be gleaned from this office.

In addition, the Office of Institutional Research serves to stimulate and assist faculty in moving Health-related research forward and meeting their mission in the tripartite role of research/scholarship.

October 22, 2019 in University News

Believe in Greatness Fundraising Gala 2019

Believe In Greatness Fundraising Gala 2019 supports the launching of the Pathways to Academic Training in Healthcare (P.A.T.H.).The P.A.T.H. program funds healthcare education for under-represented minority students to increase access…
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February 15, 2019 in University News

The AUHS-CDU Partnership in Research and Education

The American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) and the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) have entered into a partnership designed to meet needs resulting from healthcare disparities…
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February 1, 2019 in University News

University Update – January ’19

On Thursday, January 31st, 2019, faculty, staff and students gathered at the conference room on the second floor for the customary University Update (U2) meeting. The U2 meeting typically is…
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