The AUHS School of
Clinical Research

Enabling practitioners in clinical research to have
sharp critical and analytical abilities as well as a more
in-depth understanding of interpersonal attitudes.

Welcome to the AUHS School of Clinical Research.

The Mission

The mission of AUHS is to provide excellence in health sciences education in order to prepare graduates who advance healthcare and make a positive impact on the health of individuals and of society through the provision of high-quality evidence-based care. To meet the diverse needs of patients and to promote research, scholarship and service in the provision of health care, our faculty and students actively engage in activities which advance the practice of patient-centered care and that support and promote research, scholarship, service and practice in order to contribute to society and meet the healthcare needs of patients and our communities.

AUHS embraces the educational philosophy to prepare a professional and culturally diverse workforce for the pharmaceutical, nursing and research sectors of healthcare- a workforce who will utilize research and evidence based practice to guide healthcare delivery, understand the application of research, display high level competencies to health care delivery and value the continuation of learning.

John Minchin, DSc
John Minchin, DSc

Dr. John Minchin joined American University of Health Sciences with over 35 years of experience in higher education administration. Dr. Minchin works with deans, faculty, and staff across the University to continue developing and promoting the excellence of its academic programs, while offering access to a historically underserved student population. His responsibilities include overseeing academic planning, curriculum development and assessment, providing leadership in formulating and administering university policies, accreditation compliance and other administratively oriented functions.
Dr. Minchin’s breadth of experience includes work in the areas of academic administration, course and program development, retention management, budgets, accreditation and compliance, and assessment management. He has served in several positions including Faculty, Director of Student Services, Program Chair General Education, Director Continuing Education, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Interim Executive Director, Dean of the School of Business, Dean of the School of Education, and Chief Academic officer.
Dr. Minchin holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Accounting, a master’s degree in Education and a doctorate in Information Systems and Communication.

Saral Amarnani, PhD, M. Med, MPharm, CCRP
MSCR Program Director

Tarek Dessouky, MD, MBA, MPH
MSCR Faculty

Linnea Defensor, MD, MS, RN
MSCR Faculty

Gene Dillague, MD, MSCR, BA
MSCR Faculty