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Research conducted by American University of Health Sciences which affiliates with human participants is overseen by AUHS’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). The purpose of AUHS IRB is to facilitate human subjects research and to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected during their participation.

Mission of AUHS IRB

American University of Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews, approves, modifies or disapproves research protocols submitted by AUHS researchers. The primary mission of AUHS IRB is to maintain the highest standards in the ethical conduct of research, including the protection of human participants, while enabling its faculty, staff and students to conduct research in a timely and efficient manner. The IRB process is based on rules and regulations for the federal definition of human subjects research. The AUHS IRB strives to create on campus a culture of respect for, and awareness of, the rights and welfare of human research participants, while advancing knowledge and facilitating the highest quality research.

Process of AUHS IRB

All Human Subjects Research must receive approval from the IRB. Therefore, if your research meets the definitions of both research and human subjects, you must complete the IRB process. The investigator must determine if the project meets the federal definition of research and, if so, determine if the project includes human subjects. Check the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Common Rule) for details and exceptions. Note: Projects including the use of drugs or devices (either approved or unapproved by the FDA) require submission to the IRB. Check the AUHS IRB Guidebook for details.

  • Applicants submit a proof of completion of the National Institute of Health Course regarding Protecting Human Research Participants. It is free and takes about 2 hours. It can be found on the web at
  • Applicants complete the AUHS IRB Online Application Form and submit it with relevant documents required.
  • The Chair of IRB reviews the application documents and designates committee members (at least two) with specific knowledge and expertise relevant to the research proposal for an initial review.
  • The designated committee members provide initial feedback to applicants if necessary changes or modifications are needed.
  • If no substantial modifications are required, the designated committee members submit initial feedback to the Chair, and the Chair schedules a committee meeting for the review of the research proposal.
  • If the research is approved by all committee members, an approval letter will be sent out to the applicants; if disapproved, instead, a disapproval letter will be sent out and further revisions are required until approved by all committee members.
  • The applicants need to inform the committee upon the completion of the research and submit a copy of any paper or article which results from the study.
  • The committee will retain the IRB record for 3 years.