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By offering a wide range of general education courses, AUHS is able to help students supplement their education and complete the requirements of their major while at the same time studying highly useful, interesting topics. The full list of general education courses available at AUHS is as follows:

Course Listing for General Education Courses

General Education Learning Outcomes

Students who success to complete The Program of General Education will be able to:

    • Critical Thinking. AUHS graduates will be able to analyze and evaluate information, being aware of possible bias, infer and draw conclusions, conceptualize possible resolutions, and effectively communicate possible outcomes with others.
    • Information Literacy. AUHS graduates will be able to determine the amount and type of information needed, access it, evaluate it and its sources, use the information effectively, and do so ethically and legally.
    • Written Communication. AUHS graduates will be able to clearly communicate in writing considering audience, purpose, content, and evidence
    • Oral Communication. AUHS graduates will be able to deliver clear, coherent oral presentations effectively communicating an understanding of a given topic.
    • Quantitative Reasoning. AUHS graduates will be able to interpret, represent and analyze quantitative data to make informed judgments, draw conclusions and solve problems.