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By offering a wide range of general education courses, AUHS is able to help students supplement their education and complete the requirements of their major while at the same time studying highly useful, interesting topics. The full list of general education courses available at AUHS is as follows:

Course Listing for Other Required General Education Courses

A maximum of 72-quarter units earned in an accredited institution will be allowed towards the units required for graduation. Neither upper division credit nor credit for professional education courses is allowed for community college work. Program Learning Outcomes Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program will be able to:

  • apply the theoretical and scientific underpinnings of nursing, biological and behavioral sciences, and humanities to the professional practice of nursing
  • incorporate the nursing process as a problem solving tool of the nurse in assisting individuals, groups and communities to attain, maintain and regain health
  • effect positive client/patient outcomes through application of appropriate communication and teaching-learning theories, as well as advocating for the client/patient needs and rights
  • develop, implement, modify and evaluate a culturally appropriate plan of care, even when client/patient needs may differ from the nurses’ personal values
  • utilize scientific processes, evidence-based practice, critical thinking and professional judgment as integral parts of all decision-making
  • practice within professional standards, an ethical framework, and regulatory guidelines
  • facilitate collaborative relationships with the client/patient and members of the health team in the application of the nursing process and the delivery of health care