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Meet Pastor Johnson

Co-Founder of AUHS

To fully understand the importance of faith as part of AUHS’s mission, you must first understand the importance of faith to its co-founder, Pastor Gregory Johnson.

Pastor Johnson and his wife Kim Dang-Johnson founded AUHS in 1994 in order provide a Christ-centered source of education to underserved minorities in the Long Beach area as well as anyone who wished to receive a high-quality education in an environment that grows their faith as much as it does their knowledge.

Pastor Johnson leads a small church in the area while still maintaining his responsibilities as Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of the AUHS Board of Trustees. He participates in faith-based missions and community outreach, as well as a variety of conferences and conventions.

Pastor Johnson and Kim Dang-Johnson are both committed to advancing the university forward, while staying true to the heart of AUHS’s Christian mission and goals.

As part of the 2017 AUHS commencement ceremony, the founders of AUHS, Pastor Gregory Johnson and his wife Kim Dang-Johnson, took a moment to reflect on the milestones that AUHS has accomplished in the university’s twenty-three year history.

Author and Creator, Pastor Gregory Johnson, talks about the creation of the ‘Duck Down Boy’ comic book series at Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.