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Bachelor of Science
in Pharmaceutical Sciences

A 3.3 year program that focuses on building a
solid foundation in mathematics,
chemistry, biology and physics.

The AUHS Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is a three year interdisciplinary program that focuses from the outset on the foundation of coursework in mathematics and the basic sciences (chemistry, biology and physics).

The program then progresses to advanced coursework in the pharmaceutical sciences, including aspects of drug design and synthesis, mechanisms of drug action, pharmacology and toxicology, dosage formulation, manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.

The curriculum also includes elective credits for individual preparation and educational focus.

The Objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program are:

  • To provide a well-rounded undergraduate education with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To integrate knowledge with hands-on experience to enhance career path development in pharmaceutical sciences
  • To provide educational solutions to health issues centered around professional pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
  • To attract and prepare students, especially minority students, to enter and successfully graduate from the School of Pharmacy.
  • To attract and prepare students, especially minority students, for a career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • To prepare underrepresented students as future lifelong learners and future leaders in the healthcare and researcher, as well as serve as future policy advocates in regulatory affairs.

The purpose of the health sciences program is to provide graduates with the relevant knowledge base, skills, attitudes, ethics and values to succeed in basic and applied health related careers.

Graduates will have a strong foundation in the physical, biological, and clinical and behavioral sciences coupled with an understanding of how business and management models apply to health sciences-related fields.

Graduates will develop the skills and habits to acquire and apply new knowledge:

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with others and to be understood in both the spoken and written word.
  • Use critical thinking skills to identify, analyze, and solve pharmaceutical science problems.
  • Use logic to solve problems and draw valid conclusions by interpreting mathematical formulas, tables, and graphs.
  • Recognize and assess the interdependence of social and cultural systems and evaluate their impact on achieving unity and harmony in everyday life.
  • Demonstrate Christian values in serving others.
  • Retrieve, assess, and use information effectively to improve outcomes of academic and personal endeavors.
  • Apply the chemical and biological principles that govern the function of the human body to assess health related problems.
  • Integrate principles of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and mathematics in drug development and in the design of drug delivery systems.

In addition to the requirements for the BSPS major, all students in the university follow the “pattern of degree requirements” in the AUHS Catalog. The minimum requirement for graduation is 189 quarter credit units of prescribed Bachelor’s degree courses.

Completion of course requirements within 4½ years of entrance to the program.

Students must complete all coursework, examinations and clinical experiences with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or a letter grade of C or higher.

Present at Poster Session for a selected drug, medical device or research question on health care and present a final paper for that poster session.

Complete at least 100 clock hours of community service in University sponsored community driven initiatives.

Each BSPS student is required to maintain a portfolio showcasing his/her work, education, and learning experiences while attending the AUHS BSPS Program. Refer to Portfolio Content Guidelines. Successful completion of the Student Portfolio is contingent upon the maintenance of the Portfolio throughout the BSPS program, and will be used as a basis for evaluation and to provide evidence of growth. A satisfactorily completed portfolio is a requirement for graduation from the program.

Students are eligible for graduation upon completion of all the University and BSPS program requirements.

QUARTERS: 12 Quarters
UNITS: 189 Units

Instructional Clock Hour To Credit Conversion

A “clock (contact) hour” includes a minimum instructional time of 50 minutes of supervised or directed instruction and appropriate break(s).

The formula used to calculate the number of QUARTER CREDIT units

FOR LECTURE – One Credit = 10 Lecture Hours

FOR LABORATORY – One Credit = 20 Laboratory Hours

FOR EXPERIENTIAL – One Credit = 30 Practicum Hours

Why Choose the BSPS at AUHS?

The purpose of the BS in health sciences program is to provide graduates with the relevant knowledge base, skills, attitudes, ethics and values to succeed in basic and applied health-related careers. Some of the unique features of AUHS BSPS program are:

  • Fast paced education and high quality learning (3 year program)
  • Various course topics to broaden options for our graduates
  • Opportunities for community outreach and international mission trips

What Can I Do With a BS Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences?

The BSPS program at AUHS presents various career path opportunities that include entry-level technical positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry; graduate education in pharmaceutical, clinical research, and basic sciences; and post-baccalaureate professional education in pharmacy.

  • Apply to AUHS Master of Science in Clinical Research
  • Careers in research and development
  • Careers in clinical trial operations
  • Regulatory or pharmaceutical sales and marketing