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Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

The Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences at American University of Health Sciences is comprised of faculty in the disciplines of pharmacy practice, social and administrative sciences. Besides didactic teaching and research responsibilities, the faculty members each maintain their clinical practice in direct patient care in their respective specialties. The Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences also works closely with the Office of Experiential Education to effectively placing faculty members at clinical sites related to hospital, community, and ambulatory care practices.

The primary goal of the Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences is to mold our Doctor of Pharmacy graduates into leaders who are thoughtful, competent practitioners, expertly cross-trained in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social, behavioral, administrative, and clinical sciences; and who can deliver direct patient-centered care in various population-based settings.

Led by its Chair, Mok T. Chong, Pharm.D, Ph.D, MBA, the foundation for the Department of Clinical Sciences curriculum is based on new paradigm for pharmacy practitioners that not only incorporates promoting safe and effective use of medications, but extends the pharmacist’s scope of practice to direct patient care, involving an inter-professional healthcare-team approach, incorporates cultural, ethnic, and population based competencies, as well as leadership and advocacy for public health and health care reform.