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American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) thanked Dr. Chery Padgham, the AUHS Assistant Dean of Nursing, for her 8 years of service by throwing her a surprise party in the 2nd Floor Conference Room on Thursday, March 23, 2017. AUHS faculty and staff hung a sign that read, “Thank you Dr. Cheryl Padgham” in the middle of the room and prepared a banquet filled with a variety of food, drinks, and desserts. Fellow AUHS co-workers clapped and cheered as Dr. Padgham entered the room.

“I just wanted to say that this is not goodbye, this is ‘See you later,’” Dr. Padgham said, “But wherever I go, I will always take AUHS with me because I have learned and grown so much in this university. Thank you all so much for always supporting me.”

Dr. Caroll Ryan, the President of AUHS, attended the farewell party to commend Dr. Padgham’s many contributions to the institution and asked her to always keep in touch.

“Thank you, Dr. Padgham, for everything that you have done for the university. You have certainly made your mark. You are loved and you are cherished here,” said Dr. Ryan, “You know I have been working hard to make sure that this is not goodbye, to continue our relationship, and to continue to grow and develop as we go separate ways.”

Dr. Kim Dang (Hon.), the Founder of AUHS thanked Dr. Padgham for providing their students with quality education and for always being there for the university, especially in difficult times.

“You, (Dr. Padgham), have been there for you’ve seen us grow, you’ve seen us change. You have made a difference to the students that you had taught, you helped turn their lives around and they are so successful now,” said Dr. Dang.

Dr. Dang shared with the room that 2015 “was not a good year” for her and 2016 was “even worse” but she is grateful for Dr. Padgham’s unyielding support. Dr. Padgham efforts helped AUHS obtain a successful CCNE accreditation, according to Dr. Dang.

“When everyone else was telling us ‘No’, you (Dr. Padgham) wanted this university to succeed,” said Dr. Dang, “Thank you for being there and believing in this institution.”

Pastor Gregory Johnson, the Co-founder of AUHS, discussed how he had first met Dr. Padgham and how proud he was to have her as part of the AUHS family.

“I don’t want to give myself credit for anything but I actually did hire Dr. Padgham. I remember how you, (Dr. Padgham), sat in my office and talked about the things that you wanted to do and the things that you wanted to achieve,” Pastor Johnson said, “Most people don’t give others a chance. But I saw it in you and of course, I was right.”

Pastor Johnson shared how he encouraged Dr. Padgham to go back to school and earn her doctorate degree.

“I said that I would never ever go back to school after I got my Master’s Degree until Pastor convinced me to do it,” Dr. Padgham said.

Pastor Johnson thanked Dr. Padgham for helping AUHS grow and succeed. He thanked her for always being true and steadfast to the university and to God.

“It is really easy to be around when things are good but it is a true testament to your character when you stay when things are difficult. That’s when actually the greater blessings and the greater glory come in,” Pastor Johnson said, “I know that a lot of times it has been as difficult for you, Dr. Padgham, because I don’t see you that much, I’m not around you enough, and yet you remained steadfast, and you remained unmovable.”

Pastor Johnson told the room that the most important things in life are God and family. He said that they were brought together because of God.

“I still believe in creating a family of excellence in this university where people care about each other. We would not be here today had not God had chosen us, had not God watched over us, had not God brought us here,” Pastor Johnson said, “God put into Dr. Padgham’s heart that no matter what she went through in life, she remained steadfast. So thank you, Dr. Padgham. Thank you for being Cheryl, thank you for being the daughter of the Most High God, thank you for trusting God more than you trusted any event.”

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AUHS founders Pastor Gregory Johnson and Dr. Kim Dang (Hon.) thanks Dr. Cheryl Padgham for her 8 years of service as the university’s Assistant Dean of School of Nursing.

AUHS founders Pastor Gregory Johnson and Dr. Kim Dang (Hon.) thanks Dr. Cheryl Padgham for her 8 years of service as the university’s Assistant Dean of School of Nursing.