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The American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) was honored when they learnt that they had received a Platinum Award from the American Red Cross congratulating them on a 71% increase on the amount of blood they had given to the American Red Cross in support of their Community Volunteer Blood Program.

Michelle Ericsson from the Community and Media Department and Lynda Le from the Employer Relations/Career Services Department attended the Awards Ceremony breakfast on Wednesday, April 26th where they were joined by 150 other guests from different companies including Kraft, Disney, Cal State Long Beach, and General Electric (GE) who all worked with the American Red Cross to help save lives.

The morning included presentations from Darrin Greenlee, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Red Cross, Southern California Region who talked about why he decided to start working with the American Red Cross and how it was a personal mission of his. Both of his parents had needed blood as a result of surgeries from illnesses and if that blood had not been there, they may not have had the chance that they did. Blood is something that we can all give and it can make a life or death difference.  Darrin is always thinking of patients that are in vital situations where they are in need of blood and that motivates him every day.

Next we heard from Dr. Joy L. Fridey who discussed the technical aspects of blood and it’s make up. Although science has found ways that blood can be artificially made, we are still quite a ways away from actually being able to use that blood on patients, which increases the need for more blood donors.

Amy Papageorges is AUHS’s American Red Cross account manager and she shared the story of her niece, Nick. Nick had needed blood after a hiking accident and had that blood not been there, Nick might now have been here with us today. For Amy, this really hit home and made all the work that she does even more special.

The American Red Cross awards breakfast was great way for us to see how much giving blood helps those around us. No one ever knows when they themselves or someone close to them might need blood, so while we can, we should try to give as much as possible. AUHS is proud to continue to work with the American Red Cross and support its cause and mission.