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Be not troubled by the words that come
From others to make you doubt The Son
Be not worried even when they seek to do harm
Know that God has mighty arm

Where there are believers, there are non-believers who oppose and reject God and His Word. In Biblical times, this opposition and rejection emulated in the form of verbal slander and/or even physical corporal punishment that led to death. Nowadays, people who oppose or reject God and His Word criticize believers by pointing their finger and berating them incessantly. And with the use of social media platforms being so widely prevalent, it makes it easier for people to openly criticize and humiliate those who do not share the similar beliefs as they do. Despite all of these hurdles, as children and believers in the Lord God, we must not pay attention towards what naysayers say about us. Instead, we must focus on what we are doing and what our mission is right now: serving God, preaching His Word, and living through His ways of life. John 14:1 states:
“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.”
These inopportune and unfortunate situations are just mere distractions. We, as sons and daughters of God, have more important priorities to focus on than focusing on what others have to say about us. Stones of verbal criticism and slander may be hurled at us but instead of hurling them right back, collect them all and build a strong empire to strengthen the will of God and our hearts. AUHS Founder Pastor Gregory Johnson stated that by maintaining and building up our faith and belief in God, we will not be shaken by others and their negativity. We just have to put our faith and hearts in the Heavenly Father and B-E-L-I-E-V-E.
May God Bless You All ~

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AUHS is a Christian based, minority-serving university, which educates students for careers in the healthcare professions. AUHS emphasizes the values of faith in God, love of humankind, and belief that all people have a right to healthcare and deserve a good quality of life based on the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. The university celebrates diversity and reaches out to groups currently underrepresented in healthcare and research. AUHS provides the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, hands-on practical training and supportive environment required to create competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

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