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Led by Pastor Gregory Johnson, Co-founder

Though we stray at times from the Father, we are never too far away. For Him to come retrieve us, is from the place where sin does play.

We are the children of the most high God. No matter where we go in life, He is always there to guide us.

“God will push us to get us to where we need to go, God will give us grace and help us where we need to go, even when we move so slow,” said Pastor Johnson, “God figures out ways to bless us and show grace to us and have mercy on us.”

There are things we go through every day whether it’s from work, school, or even family, that distract us from God’s grace.

“Sometimes we get so stressed in life we just don’t think about God because we’re just trying to get what we have to get done,” said Brian Cuffey, AUHS Maintenance man, “God knows that we’re going to go back to Him, He’s waiting for us to go back to Him and when we do it’s pleasing to Him because we’re back on the right path.”

Human beings are flawed and one of our biggest flaws is that we think our sins are bigger than God’s love.

“Nothing that you and I do is bigger than the sacrifice that God has given us because to suggest that means you are bigger than God. To suggest that means you think you are greater than God,” Pastor Johnson said, “Anything you have done wrong yesterday, once you come to Christ, once you understand who Christ is, nothing is bigger than that. Nothing is bigger than his death and resurrection.”

Never get confused about who you are, never get confused about your past mistakes, never get confused about the things that you’ve done and the things that you will do because everybody is going to sin. But take comfort in the fact that God is bigger than our sins.

Remembered- We’re remembered even in our folly, we’re remembered even in our faults, we’re remembered because the Lord has saved us, that salvation by His son was bought.

Humanity was reconciled with God through the death of His son, Jesus Christ. Through Him, all sins were forgiven.

“Everybody makes mistakes and God sent His son to save us. We sin but we should not intentionally sin,” said Dr. Mok Chong, the Dean of AUHS’ School of Pharmacy, “But as Pastor Johnson said, is our sins bigger than god? No. We should be comforted by His love.”

Although Christians strive to follow in Christ’s footsteps and become like God, we will make mistakes. But we can ask for forgiveness because He is always listening to us.

“I go to church and ask for forgiveness but I keep on doing the same thing over and over again. But I always say to Him, ‘Okay God, I’m here again praying for forgiveness. I keep doing the same thing but you’re still there blessing me everyday,’ said Maria Maloles, AUHS Director of Marketing and Publications, “God never gets tired of hearing our pleas.”

Whether we know it or not, God has a plan for us all. Everything happens for our own good because we are tailor-made by His hand.

“God’s plan for us is not only predestined but He tailors a plan for each of us by what we have experienced as well. By the folly he brings into our life, by the the faults and the mistakes we have made and by the way God has saved us,” said Dr. Sisi Chen, AUHS Director of Institutional Research and Assessment.

God does not forget us because we sin.

“I don’t think we’re ever forgotten by God no matter what happens. If you knew Him to begin with, it will come full circle and you’re always going to go back to Him,” said Amarri Sanders, AUHS Student Success Coordinator, “So always remember that He loves you and He’ll always remember you for sharing that love with Him.”

God allows us to experience both the good and bad in life so He can mold us, make us stronger and be an instrument to share His love with others. Hai Luong, AUHS Admissions Coordinator, referred to Romans 8:28 of the Old Testament- And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  

“I used to think that only the good things will make up the bad things in my life,” said Luong, “Later, as I mature in Christ, as I go through experiences and bad things happened to me, I realized that God used those bad things to make and mold me into the person that he can use.”

Luong shared with the room how he was as a prison minister in San Quentin State Prison in San Francisco, California. He had served  as a minister for three years bringing the word of God to convicted felons.

“I was in there with criminals, with people who was rejected by society. Even their families had rejected them. I talked to people who had not been visited by anyone in ten years,” Hai said, “I came in there and I became their family and they in turn responded to the caring the love of God. And there was change.”

Not Forgotten- I know that I am imperfect, in fact, so very far from good. Indeed, in these my failures, I’m accused by many who would believe my sins are sufficient for my God to turn away. But they do not understand His love, while I forget, His love never strays.

“We can forget God but we are never forgotten by God,” said Pastor Johnson, “Even though we do wrong, we can only do but so much because we belong to Him. He can’t take us out, He can’t destroy us, He can’t end it because God is still perfecting us. We’re still being shaped by Him, we’re still being tailored by Him.”

God is always with us at the best of times and at the worst of times.

“Although we may forget God, we remember Him at our greatest time of need,” said Dr. Dianna Scherlin, AUHS Provost, “So when something bad happens to us, the first thing we say is ‘Oh God help me!’ and ‘Oh God why did this happen to me?’ In the heart of things we are thankful to God for our good fortune and we are questioning God when things don’t go well. He is the first person we reach to.”

We are imperfect but God accepts our imperfections.

“I’m always thinking about some of the mistakes I’ve made before and sometimes I pray to God about my failures and mistakes,” said Sherry Zhang, AUHS Administrative Assistant, “God is always trying to help me and He always gives me a chance to become better.”