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APA stands for American Psychological Association and is a common formatting style for essays and papers.  APA style has unique formats for in-text citations and reference pages. Its style and guidelines increase the ease of reading comprehension for viewers as well as ensure consistent presentation of content and written material.

Example of Cover Page in APA Format

Example of in-text citations in APA Format

Example of Reference List in APA Format

For further details

APA Tutorial
APA Style is the official website of the APA. The tutorial goes over the basics of APA style, providing examples and links to sample documents that show appropriate use of APA style conventions.

APA Style Blog
This is the official companion blog of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) by the APA. In this blog APA experts post weekly on topics related to the proper use of APA style and APA related questions can be searched. Their Best of the APA Style Blog: 2017 Edition includes useful links to a variety of APA Style formatting principles, including sample papers.

Purdue Owl APA Style Workshop (7th edition)
Maintained by Purdue University, this section of their online writing lab provides an overview of APA style that can be used to reference proper formatting and citation for writing assignments. However, it is not official and may contain mistakes so always reference the APA manual and official website/blog.

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APA Publication Manual