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School of Clinical Research

At AUHS, we train students to be productive in ensuring high quality clinical research being conducted thoroughly, completely and without bias, in which it meets the strict criteria of not only the U.S.A., but also, international regulations, if necessary. We train our students to be ready to perform international global studies. In our current times, it is essential that clinical trials are conducted through equitable and safe practices and that studies provide generalizable data to our clinical community which in turn improves care for communities of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status. Through our School of Graduate Studies, you will be trained in handling the complexity of conducting efficacious research through a broad range of courses, including toxicology, medical device utilization, grant writing, trial management, law, business, and advanced topics in international good clinical practices.
Clinical care, research, and trial design are constantly undergoing transformational change. Your educational experience is of utmost importance to our faculty. Our training program, leadership team, and your exceptional personal and professional integrity will altogether define your foundation as you join the next generation climbing the clinical research career ladder. MSCR graduates from AUHS advance to start successful careers in university settings, private clinics and hospitals, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical/biomedical industry.
I am honored to advance the mission and values of AUHS and am excited to oversee the program that ensures our graduates are “industry ready,” and are thus valuable assets to employers – I welcome your interest to joining our School of Clinical Research.