POSITION: Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

    29 September 2017

    Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

    American University of Health Sciences

    Office of Institutional Research



    9/12/2017 – 9/29/2017


    Lead and manage a systematic and integrated institutional assessment and evaluation program to inform strategic decision-making, fulfill internal and external reporting requirements, and further the University missions;

    Provide data support for the President’s Council and Board of Trustees in the identification of problems, formulation of solutions, analysis of trends, understanding of outcomes and clarification of management objectives, as well as contribute to the strategic planning and policy development;

    Lead and monitor the implementation and assessment of recommended problem solutions and policy changes; Direct and implement processes for collecting, synthesizing, analyzing and disseminating statistical data related to both academic and administrative operations, including review of academic programs, assessment of student learning outcomes, evaluation of university services, management and policy effectiveness, and etc.;

    Formulate and apply statistical modeling and other optimizing methods to analyze academic and administrative data, predict future trends, alternative strategies and optimal solutions, with the goal of promoting informed decision-making and furthering the core missions of the University;

    Prepare regular management reports defining and evaluating institutional and programmatic problems and recommending solutions, analyzing alternative courses of action, and proposing for optimal strategies;

    Plan and direct reporting processes of institutional and program-level assessment that are aligned with both accreditation agencies, including ACICS, WASC, CCNE, TRACS and ACPE; and state, federal, and university accountability requests including IPEDs, state survey, national surveys, and licensure requests, etc.;

    Coordinate and conduct training for the program review and outcome assessment database and other areas where the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment has developed instrumental tools for internal departments or external agencies;

    Administer research design and programming support for research and evaluation projects related to strategic planning and institutional effectiveness efforts requiring quantitative research methodologies and statistical skills; and Lead and monitor intellectually and logistically the development and submission of externally funded grant/research projects.


    PhD Degree in Educational Administration & Policy or related fields with at least 12 months’ experience as educational data analyst or related positions.


    Please send your CV, along with a cover letter and any other relevant information to:

    Attn: President
    American University of Health Sciences
    1600 East Hill Street
    Signal Hill, CA 90755