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Michelle Ericsson


In the early hours of the morning on Friday, November 22nd 2013, crowds of Signal Hill and Long Beach in-need community members gathered at The American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) to receive a box of Thanksgiving groceries.


The AUHS Foundation was hosting it’s Acts of Love: Giving Thanks event. Staff and students were distributing boxes of Thanksgiving groceries, which included a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rice, vegetables, juice, and pie to approximately 800 families in-need, within the Signal Hill and Long Beach area, so that those families could have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own.


This year, many weeks of preparation proved to be successful as the AUHS Foundation saw its largest turn out to-date, with thousands gathering at the university gates. This gives a clear indication that there are many who require help within the community, and AUHS continues to do as much as they can to address this growing need through many mediums, including their regular non-profit events. AUHS students, staff, and faculty volunteers are always dedicated to providing assistance, working together to unload groceries, pack boxes and distribute food to the masses.


The AUHS Foundation partnered with Superior Supermarket, who supplied the groceries, Barrier Free Life, who provided grocery tote bags and volunteered their time, XR LLC, who both donated to the event and volunteered, as well as with Home Depot, who provided some of the boxes.


In addition to picking up their Thanksgiving groceries, community members had the opportunity to have their blood pressure checked by AUHS’s student nurses and receive information on how they can lead a healthier lifestyle.


Although the AUHS Foundation runs non-profit events throughout the year, Acts of Love: Giving Thanks is especially close to their hearts as Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, and in return all that we can do to help others. With just over 800 families’ in-need enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner, it is safe to say that Acts of Love: Giving Thanks was a success.


The AUHS Foundation look forward to their next event, Santa Cause, taking place on Friday, December 20th at the Second Samoan Congregational Church in Long Beach.