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Poster Presentation – Cohort 11

On the evening of Wednesday, August 14th , the American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) Cohort 11 students completed the final preparations for their posters as they practiced their speeches and went over their presentation facts as guests arrived.

AUHS students presented on a number of different topics including “Nutrition Education for Single Mothers” by Agnes Gutierrez, Anne Landingin and Nhan Hoang, “Road to Recovery: Drug Abuse, Addiction and Rehabilitation for Homeless Men” by Michelle Hoang, Saliha Mach and Victoria Manalo and “Mental Health Resource for the Greater Part of Long Beach” by Jessica Ikeda, Sabrina La Chapelle, and Alexandria Gonzales- just to name a few. All presentation topics covered a multitude of facts that are serious issues not just within the Signal Hill community, but within society in general.

Over light refreshments guest viewed the posters on display and were able to learn more about these key issues that affect people every day, and ways that we can help. Amongst the guests was the Chief of Police from the Signal Hill Police Department, Michael Langston. Mr. Langston often attends AUHS’s Poster Presentation and continues to do a lot to support the Signal Hill Community.

The presentations were judged by Jo Ann Cosenza, Lucille Rayford and Dr. Okezie Aruoma and although it was a tough decision, the judges determined that Kelly Nguyen and Melissa Martinez were awarded third place with their presentation “Healthy Nutrition at the Ronald McDonald House”, Linh Nguyen, Chen Sun and Phung Tran were awarded second place with their presentation “Suicide Prevention for Male College Students” and first place was given to Anita Patel and Tracy Salvacion for their presentation on “Stress Management”.

It was a lovely evening learning about important topics and a way for the AUHS Cohort 11 Nursing students to demonstrate some of what they have learnt. Closing remarks were made by Dr. Cheryl Padgham and the evening was concluded by a closing prayer from Pastor Gregory Johnson.