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Pastor Johnson


The atmosphere under which dreams and reality merge seamlessly is alive and well tonight at Anime Expo. As Exhibitors arrived on site as early as 08:00 AM at the LA Convention Center and continuing to work through the night well past 09:00 PM in making certain that attendees who have stood in line for hours have the best experience and the most wonderful of times, these next 4 days.


The best of life is granted when we as adults are still able to imagine and to dream. To immerse ourselves in fantasies laden with innocence as we wander to places, down aisles where our childhood once thought common, even in today where mortgages, car notes and careers make an assault on our senses in an effort to waylay a dream.


It will be the stuffed animals, the action figures, the Coplay and the journals written of love and worlds within worlds, that will hold sway the youthful hearts of we who deem tenderness of spirit a virtue. And, it will be men and women who share a common bond, who encourage one another to create, to wait and move steadily forward never doubting they will gain entry into the portals of the fantastic.


Let us cheer loudly. Let us clap boldly. Let us grasp firmly this hour of dreams, in Anime.