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Serving underprivileged individuals in their community was one the main reasons that Pastor Johnson and Kim-Dang Johnson founded AUHS, and this continues to be a primary mission of the university to this day.

Both students and faculty as AUHS are highly involved in community outreach efforts. Through the AUHS Foundation, AUHS is able to sponsor a wide range of opportunities for students to serve. We believe that this service offers value not only to the surrounding community and those in need, but also our students themselves. Especially for those entering the healthcare field, learning how to best serve others is an important priority.

In addition to serving the community outside AUHS, the students and faculty at the university have fostered an incredible sense of community on-campus as well. At AUHS, students get to be a part of something bigger, making valuable connections and friends that will last a lifetime.


The AUHS Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 Organization created to provide the less fortunate with access to health information, wellness care, food, clothing and spiritual support. The Foundation is closely linked with our students in that our students receive the opportunities to serve and learn from the community outreaches, provided by the AUHS Foundation.


We welcome donations from all current students, alumni and those who wish to support the University’s God-centered mission to affect and improve the lives of others. Your contribution aids in support of our ongoing community outreach events and can be viewed as your donation to maintaining the health and well being of those in need.

The AUHS Foundation is a charitable 501c3 and educational non-profit organization.

Your tax deductible donation will help us:

  • Relieve the suffering of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged through education, research and funding in the health sciences: nursing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.
  • Educate and train communities and individuals to develop and improve their quality of life.
  • Foster and encourage high-quality, evidence-based research practice at the community level.

For more information about donating to American University of Health Sciences Foundation, contact Sisi Chen via email at