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Certificate Level Admissions


The University’s four quarter, year round operation system provides an essential flexibility for adult working students. AUHS’ credits are expressed in quarter units; one quarter unit normally represents no less than one hour of class work and two or more hours of outside study per week for one quarter. One and one-half (1½) quarter units are equivalent to one (1) semester units, and one quarter unit is equivalent to 2/3 semester unit of credit.

Definition of Quarter Credit Unit

One quarter credit hour equals 10 hours lecture, 20 hours of laboratory work, or 30 hours of externship/field instruction.

Course Numbering System

“Upper-division” is a status given to students who have completed all lower-division (100- and 200-level) courses, including any stated pre-requisites for the program, and who are currently enrolled in 300- and 400-level courses. Upper-division courses are advanced, specialized, in-depth, and emphasize problem-solving, analytical thinking, and theoretical applications beyond the introductory level. These courses often build on the foundation provided by the skills and knowledge of lower-division courses. Upper-division courses may require the student to synthesize topics from a variety of sources and also may require greater responsibility or independence on the part of the student.


Prospective students must apply for admission to their program of study to be officially accepted for a specific starting date. The process includes the following steps:

  • Contact the university and make an appointment with an admissions representative for an initial consultation (except doctorate level programs)
  • Send a complete application packet with requested documents to AUHS Admissions Department
  • Only complete applications will be processed
  • Take and pass the University Entrance test (Wonderlic Scholastic Exam)
  • Complete formal interviews
  • Complete Financial Aid meeting
  • Respond to the Acceptance Letter
  • Attend Orientation



In order to be eligible for review, applicants must:

  1. Must be an US. legal resident
  2. Contact the university and make an appointment with an admissions advisor for an initial consultation
  3. Must have a high school diploma or GED
  4. Submit official transcripts (sealed) from all attended schools
  5. Submit two (2) sealed recommendations on the form provided
  6. Submit a resume
  7. Submit a 500-word personal statement which explains the applicant’s professional goals in the target field and why the applicant will be an asset to AUHS and the community
  8. Must have proof of general good health (form provided by school)
  9. Take and pass the university entrance test (Wonderlic Scholastic Exam)
  10. Complete a formal Interview