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The University’s four quarter, year round operation system provides an essential flexibility for adult working students. AUHS’ credits are expressed in quarter units; one quarter unit normally represents no less than one hour of class work and two or more hours of outside study per week for one quarter. One and one-half (1½) quarter units are equivalent to one (1) semester units, and one quarter unit is equivalent to 2/3 semester unit of credit.

Definition of Quarter Credit Unit

One quarter credit hour equals 10 hours lecture, 20 hours of laboratory work, or 30 hours of externship/field instruction.

Course Numbering System

“Upper-division” is a status given to students who have completed all lower-division (100- and 200-level) courses, including any stated pre-requisites for the program, and who are currently enrolled in 300- and 400-level courses. Upper-division courses are advanced, specialized, in-depth, and emphasize problem-solving, analytical thinking, and theoretical applications beyond the introductory level. These courses often build on the foundation provided by the skills and knowledge of lower-division courses. Upper-division courses may require the student to synthesize topics from a variety of sources and also may require greater responsibility or independence on the part of the student.


Prospective students must apply for admission to their program of study to be officially accepted for a specific starting date. The process includes the following steps:

  • Contact the university and make an appointment with an admissions representative for an initial consultation (except doctorate level programs)
  • Send a complete application packet with requested documents to AUHS Admissions Department
  • Only complete applications will be processed
  • Take and pass the University Entrance test (Wonderlic Scholastic Exam)
  • Complete formal interviews
  • Complete Financial Aid meeting
  • Respond to the Acceptance Letter
  • Attend Orientation


The program-specific admission requirements and procedures are detailed in the catalog under the school(s) of your desired program (s).

General Admission Requirements for the Baccalaureate Degrees. Each applicant must have:

  1. At least a High School Diploma or GED;
  2. A 500-word personal statement which explains the applicant’s professional goals in the target field and why the applicant will be an asset to AUHS and the community;
  3. Official transcripts (sealed) from all schools that the applicant has attended;
  4. A resume that itemizes the applicant’s volunteer experience in the related field, and/or any community services that demonstrate leadership and organizational skills;
  5. Two (2) sealed recommendations on the AUHS letter of recommendation forms, preferably from a science teacher or a health care providers that knows the applicant well.;
  6. Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) results to demonstrate English competency (For foreign applicants only). The minimum TOEFL score is 213 on the CBT (Computer Based Test) or 80 on the IBT (Internet Based Test), with 24 on speaking section. For TOEFL information, please visit AUHS code is 4262
  7. Completion of formal interviews;
  8. Complete formal interviews.
  9. Appropriate English and Math levels by taking Accuplacer Tests or The Essential Academic Skills Test, (TEAS) [For matriculating students to the undergraduate program only].

General Requirements for High School Graduates:

AUHS requires that first-time College applicants complete a comprehensive pattern of college preparatory study at high school that totals 15 units with grades of C+ or higher. One (1) unit is worth one (1) year of study in high school.

  1. 4 years of English (College preparatory English that includes frequent and regular writing, reading of classic and modern literature. Only one year of English Development (ELD) counts toward this requirement.
  2. 3 years of Math (Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2; 4 years of math preferred)
  3. 2 years of Laboratory Science (at least 2 of these 3 disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry; 4 years of science preferred
  4. 2 years of History / Social Science (Including one year of world history, cultures and historical geography and one year of US history or one-half year of US history and one-half year of civics or American Government.
  5. 2 years in the same foreign language (subject to waiver for applicants demonstrating equivalent competence.)
  6. 1 year of visual and performing arts: art, dance, drama/theater, or music
  7. Completion of SAT or ACT (recommended, not required)
  8. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 at least to be considered; a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (preferred)

General Transfer Applicants for Baccalaureate Degrees

  • Applicants who have completed fewer than 56 transferable semester college units (84 quarter units) from regionally accredited schools are considered lower division transfer students.
  • Applicants who have completed 56 or more transferrable semester college credits units (84 quarter units) from regionally accredited schools are considered upper division transfer students.
  • Applicants who completed college units from a regionally accredited school between high school and AUHS enrollment are considered first-time freshmen.
  • Transfer applicants must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in all the college coursework from U.S. accredited schools to assure satisfactory background for professional studies.

Transfer Applicants with previous military training/or coursework

Applicants with coursework received while in the military may apply to the University for evaluation of previous learning.


A student admitted to the university for a given semester, but who does not register in the specified semester, will have the admission canceled.

The student must file a new application form when again seeking admission and must follow the complete application procedure and meet the current admission requirements.


University Entrance Test: Wonderlic Scholastic Test

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is a short-form computer-based test of general cognitive ability. Often referred to as general intelligence, or cognitive ability is a term that is used to describe the level at which an individual learns, understands instructions, and solves problems. It provides quantitative insight into how easily individuals can be trained, how well they can adjust to, and solve, problems, and how well satisfied they are likely to be with the demands of the curriculum. Students achieve a score of 19 on a computer-based test (CBT) or 21 on a paper-based test to continue the application process at AUHS. The information is available at

Proficiency Assessment Test Requirements

AUHS requires all entering students, except those who qualify for an exemption, to take the Accpulacer tests or The Essential Academic Skills Test [TEAS] version 5 prior to their enrollment.
Accuplacer tests are used for advanced placement status in courses in reading, writing, and Arithmetic. In order to secure students’ academic success, those who are unable to demonstrate proper English or Math level will be placed in Fundamentals of English or Fundamentals of College Math prior to or during the first quarter of their enrollment. The scores for placement in fundamental courses in English or Math are found below:

  • English 098: Fundamentals of English (4 units) is designed for those who scored below 90 on the Accuplacer-English Test and below 109 on Accuplacer -Sentence Structure Test. Each test must have the demonstrated appropriate score achieved independently of the other. Failure to pass one or both of these tests will require the student to be placed in this Fundamental of English course. This course does not count for matriculation towards a degree. This course may only be taken three (3) times before the student will be considered unable to progress.
  • MATH 098: Fundamentals of College Mathematics course (4 units) is designed for those who scored below 63 on the Accuplacer- College Algebra Test and below 109 on the Accuplacer- Elementary Algebra Test. This course does not count for matriculation towards a degree. This course may only be taken three (3) times before the student will be considered unable to progress.

Although, the fundamentals courses are on a pass or non-pass basis, the enrollments in the foundational courses may affect program length and cost. Moreover, failure to complete foundational courses after the 3rd attempt will result in no further progression in the program.

The Accuplacer Tests are computerized assessment and their information is available at

The TEST of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) version V is required of nursing applicants by the School of Nursing (SON) at AUHS as an entrance examination, which assess the applicant’s academic aptitude in reading, math, science, English and language usage skills. Those who show a strong aptitude in academics are more likely to succeed in completing their nursing school education. AUHS SON requires incoming nursing students to score 65% on the adjusted TEAS score to be considered for admission.

More information is available at

Language Requirement

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

A proficiency in English will be critical to success. AUHS requires foreign/international applicants, regardless of citizenship, who have not attended schools at the secondary level or above for at least three (3) years full-time where English is the principal language of instruction, to take and present a TOEFL score. The TOEFL scores submitted must not have been earned more than two (2) years prior to the desired enrollment date. As circumstances warrant, minimum TOEFL scores may be changed.

Because the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is offered on a limited number of dates, it is important that prospective international applicants sign up to take the examination as soon as possible. Advising centers in the home country can provide information about dates, locations, and procedures for taking the test. When the applicants take the test, scores should be forwarded by the testing service to AUHS Admissions Department. AUHS School Code is 4262.

Foreign/International applicants who do not obtain the minimal score required on TOEFL must take an English as a Second Language Course (ESL) offered by other institution and submit the required documentation that ESL has been taken and satisfied prior to beginning a program within the University. The University does offer an I-20 Student Visa, but does not offer ESL classes at this time.


Nursing program at AUHS has additional requirements that the applicants must know. Click on this link to learn more