At AUHS, we are dedicated to helping students choose the path that is best for them and begin the process of pursuing a degree that will open up doors in their chosen career. Our dedicated admissions staff will carefully consider each applicant, using our core values of integrity, respect, and teamwork to select qualified applicants and work closely with them to ensure they receive the best education possible.

Our admissions process for new students includes offering world-class career counseling services and providing detailed degree information in order to help students find the educational path that is best for them.

To get started with the application process and begin your rewarding journey as an AUHS student, we invite you to check out our Admissions Procedures page and get started today. Or, if you have any questions at all about our admissions process, feel free to contact our admissions office for more information.

Claudia Rossman

Claudia Rossman

Senior Director of Admissions

(562) 988.2278 Xt. 2012 |

Mack Haile

Mack Haile

Director of Admissions

(562) 988.2278 Xt. 2011 |

Aya Almukhtar

Aya Almukhtar

Admissions Advisor

(562) 988.2278 Xt. 2014 |

Applying to AUHS

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Schools and Programs

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Talk to an Advisor

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