AUHS School of Pharmacy Preceptor Workshop

American University of Health Sciences recently held their third Preceptor Development Workshop on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. The event was spearheaded by Dr. Elaine Nguyen, Director of Experiential Education, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE). The evening began at 6:00 p.m. sharp with an introductory prayer lead by Pastor Gregory Johnson, founder of AUHS. Welcome remarks were made by Dr. Caroll Ryan, President/CEO, and Dr. Marilyn Uvero, Vice-President/COO. Dinner was catered by a local Vietnamese restaurant. Some of the attendees of the evening included Dr. Linh Lee from Ralphs Pharmacy, Dr. Alex Velasco of HomeCare Rx, Dr, Tricia Tran from AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Dr. David Dirig from Martin Luther King Community Hospital and Dr. Megan Harwood, Consultant Pharmacist. Also, in attendance were AUHS’ BSN students from various cohorts, volunteering their time to ensure the event went off without a hitch.

The Preceptor Workshops occur two to three times a year with the first workshop held on April 11, 2018, was a success covering preceptor educational development presented by Dr. Lisa Kipper. Workshop number two presented the development of IPE experience at AUHS, tracking outcomes, IPE opportunities at experiential practice sites, and new standards for the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The goal of these workshops is to engage in dialogue regarding ways to provide continuing education activities that expand clinical skills and support lifelong learning for AUHS School of Pharmacy (SOP) graduates and preceptors/adjunct faculty. Topics covered this month included: 1. guidance on experiential issues, 2 input on specific APPE and IPPE projects and assignments, 3. liaisons between the School and preceptors, 4. issues from the preceptor/site standpoint, and 5. enhancements to the experiential program. Throughout the evening attendees were provided with the tools necessary to be a successful preceptor and introduced to resources for ongoing development as a preceptor.

The mission of AUHS’ School of Pharmacy (SOP) is to foster a pool of culturally competent, critically thinking, and problem-solving pharmacist graduates who can apply the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in pharmacy practice experiences. One main mode to ensure the SOP accomplishes this goal is build and maintain a close relationship with its preceptors, therefore, the topics of the evening included: Interprofessional education, which allows students from two or more professions to learn about, from and with one another to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. Collaborating with multiple healthcare workers from different professional backgrounds allows for the delivery of the highest quality of care. The institutional learning outcomes of AUHS include – Christian Values, Academic preparation, Research/scholarships, Diversity, and Social responsibility or service.

The Office of Experiential Education (OEE) identifies preceptors that demonstrate a desire and aptitude for teaching. These are individuals who are able to educate the student about clinical problem solving which includes, instruction, modeling, coaching, mentoring and facilitating. The OEE is responsible for identifying pharmacists, or other providers who are eligible to be preceptors.


About American University of Health Sciences

AUHS is a Christian based, minority-serving university, which educates students for careers in the healthcare profession. AUHS emphasizes the values of faith in God, love of humankind, and beliefthat all people have a right to healthcare and deserve a good quality of life based on the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. The university celebrates diversity and reaches out to groups currently underrepresented in healthcare and research. AUHS provides the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, hands-on practical training and supportive environment required to create competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. Click here for a list of AUHS Accreditations.