Where can I purchase scranton(s)?

Scranton(s) can be purchased at the SNA Office (2ndfloor, room 205) or at Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314).

How much do scranton(s) cost?

Scranton(s) are sold in a pack of 10 for $1.50.

How can I obtain an unofficial and/or official copy of transcripts?

A transcript request form must be completely filled, singed and given to the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314), to be processed. Processing time for unofficial ($0) is given immediately after the form is submitted.

Processing time for official transcripts ($10) is between 1-2 weeks; for rush ($15) is following day after payment is received.

How do I obtain additional print(s) and copies for my print code?

Print(s) and copies may be purchased from the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314), and must be implemented by IT (3rdfloor, room 312).

Where can I find faculty mailboxes?

A drop-box is provided for students to drop off forms and papers to the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314).  Please leave a note to instruct whose mail box your submission is designated to.

Where and when can I make payments?

Payments can be received at the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314) during the office hours of 9 am to 7pm by a Student Services coordinator.

Can I pay by check or credit card?

Cashier checks are accepted; personal checks and credit card payments need approval from the Financial Aid department.

What if I loose something while on campus?

All unclaimed items that are turned in are tagged. At the end of the work day, all items are posted on Moodle.

How do I update my personal/contact information with the university?

You can make changes to your student file by using a Change of Personal ID Date form or Change of Address/Contact Information form, and submitting to the Student Services Department (3rd floor, room 314). Please bring in proper documentation to support any requested changes.

Where do I go to request help for a disability or if I need accommodations?

Fill out a disability Notification and Accommodation Request form located in the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314). And submit to the Student Services director.

What if I loose/misplace/or need a new ID badge?

Fill out ID badge acknowledgement form, located in the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314). Submit to the Student Services coordinator. The replacement fee is $25.00

(Please immediately report lost, damaged or stolen cards to the Student Services Department (3rdfloor, room 314) or call (562) 988-2278 Ext 2019.

What if my ID Badge doesn’t work 24 hours after receipt?

Immediately report this issue to Student Services Department and notify a Student Services coordinator.

How do I keep track of my Community Service hours?

Complete a Community Service form and submit to a Student Services coordinator. You can verify your recorded Community Service hours by in the AUHS Student Portal system by clicking here.

What if an accident occurs on campus?

Immediately report the incident to a nearby AUHS faculty or staff member.

When is the AUHS library open?

The library is open from 8 am to 7 pm, unless testing is being administered. For frequent updates, check the Library twitter feed: https://twitter.com/auhslibrary