Washing the feet of the homeless

On March 30, 2018, we participated in the “Lamp Unto My Feet” event. As a team, students of the AUHS School of Nursing assembled and successfully orchestrated a pop-up health clinic designed to educate and raise health awareness among the homeless community of Long Beach. AUHS is a Christian Faith-based private university focused on making a difference in local and global communities. The Lamp Unto My Feet event is significant because it serves as a reminder that service to others should be the cornerstone leading to greater understanding of the self as well as a deeper understanding of humanity in its entirety. The Lord, in his all mighty glory, was humbled enough to sit at the feet of his neighbor in order to model for his people acts of kindness and humility.

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Please join us at the “Lamp Unto My Feet” event where our student volunteers will be washing the feet of our brothers and sisters. There will be refreshments served during the event and $5.00 Alms for the first 100 attendees. Please note that we will also take prayer requests.,

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