The Office of Experiential Education

The mission of the School of Pharmacy Experiential Education program is to ensure that graduates are able to apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values in the pharmacy practice experiences, to provide patient-centered care for diverse populations to achieve a proficient level of accomplishing all standards set out by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

The Office of Experiential Education is committed to increasing professional importance of incorporating inter-professional practice throughout the various health care settings including inpatient/general/acute care, ambulatory care, hospital pharmacy/health systems, and community pharmacy.

The Office of Experiential Education is directly responsible for student placement, resource allocation, and maintaining proper communications with the experiential students and preceptors.

Elaine Nguyen, PharmD
Elaine Nguyen, PharmD
Director of IPPE, Assistant Professor, Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Elaine Nguyen joined AUHS with over 7 years of community practice experience. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Western University of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Sciences (BS) from University of California, Irvine, and is currently working towards obtaining her Master of Health Care Administration (MHA) from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining AUHS, Dr. Nguyen worked with independent pharmacies in developing and implementing policies and procedures for new clinical programs and regulatory compliance.
Dr. Nguyen is an active community volunteer and promoter of her profession, serving on a number of boards, including Orange County Pharmacists Association, Orange County Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition, and Vietnamese Pharmacists Association. She is also part of the California Medical Assistance Teams (CAL-MATs), group of highly-trained licensed medical professionals and logisticians organized and coordinated by the State Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) for rapid field disaster medical response.

Dr. Judy Aoyagi
Judy Aoyagi, PharmD
Director of APPE, Assistant Professor, Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Judy Aoyagi is a Clinical Pharmacy Consultant certified in Pharmacogenomics, Physical Assessment, and Advanced Practice Pharmacy. Her clinical skill experience includes disease state management for patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and heart failure.
In her previous roles with Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Aoyagi served as a Pharmacy Project Manager and Clinical Information Analyst to support developing clinical measures optimizing drug therapy, proper medication use, regulatory, safety and quality care to the health system. In providing direct patient care as a Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist, her roles involved comprehensive medication reviews, providing medication education, and improving the outcomes of medication adherence rate. She has served as a preceptor for pharmacy residents and interns as well as establishing mentorship with students from various backgrounds in the U.S.
Prior to her 14-year career in pharmacy, Dr. Aoyagi worked in Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA as an assistant researcher and in Public Health for a non-profit organization in Zambia. She is an Outstanding Professional Women Achievement Award recipient by National Association of Professional Women.