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Shetona Jordan, BSN, MSN, RN – MS

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing


BSN, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA; MS Nursing Education, University of Phoenix


Shetona D Jordan began her nursing career as a CNA in 1979 at Rosecrans SNF on the night shift, Shetona worked at night as a CNA and she went to school during the day. In 1982 she was hired by Kaiser Permanente and within 6 months she received her LVN results and she began her nursing career. In 1989 she graduated from Cerritos College and received her ADN in nursing. Shetona continue to go to school and she graduated from CSUDH in 1996 with a BSN and a PHN in nursing. In 2007, she received her master’s specializing in Nursing Education from the UOP. Shetona is currently a candidate from the DNP in leadership at GCU.

Shetona is currently an adjunct instructor at American University of Health Sciences. She recently retired manager from Kaiser Permanente of 32 years of services. She really enjoyed the final years at Kaiser Permanente (minus the last 2), because during this time she was able to focus on redefining her educational direction and goals. Shetona feels very blessed that she was given such a rich career in the nursing field. She has worked at various institutions and she was able to develop and implemented the Diabetic Foot program for Kaiser Permanente which has been disseminated thru southern California. Shetona was very instrumental in the development and transition of Kaiser education program for several different roles within her units. This transition into education has been on of her a blessing for Shetona because she feels that she can be instrumental in the education and training for the new nurses

Marco Attenello, BSN, MSN, RN

Professor, School of Nursing


BSN, West Coast University, CA; MSN in Nursing Education, West Coast University, CA


Marco Attenello is a member of the School of Nursing faculty at the American University of Health Sciences. He has been a practicing registered nurse since 2015 with a background in Medical Surgical and Telemetry nursing. His current focus is on conducting research into improvement and application of nursing simulation to effectively supplement the nursing school clinical experience.