The Master of Science in Clinical Research program will serve the graduate level educational needs of interested students in the field of clinical research and biotechnology. The program offers more comprehensive cognitive instruction at the graduate level.

It particularly enables practitioners in clinical research to have sharp critical and analytical abilities as well as more in-depth and total development of interpersonal attitudes; essential attributes which will further advance and widen professional opportunities for the graduates.

The program is open to Bachelors degree holders and to certified healthcare professionals who want to pursue advanced studies in clinical research.

Why Choose the MSCR at AUHS?

The Master of Science in Clinical Research program at AUHS is designed to provide graduates with the relevant knowledge base, skills, attitudes, ethics and values to succeed in the field of clinical research. Some of the unique features of the AUHS MSCR program are:

  • Evening classes designed for the working adult
  • The faculty is comprised of current industry leaders
  • Varying course topics to broaden options for our graduates
  • Science/Medical background is not required
  • AUHS is a sponsor of the Southern California chapter of ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals)

What Can I Do With a Master of Science in Clinical Research?

Clinical research professionals are the link between the biomedical industry and the physician in testing new drugs, devices, and procedures. These health professionals oversee the administration and progress of a clinical trial on behalf of a sponsor. As a MSCR graduate, you can pursue your careers in:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Data
  • Clinical Management
  • Regulatory Affairs